NATAL in the News

NATAL in the News

The Jewish Standard: New Jersey first responders benefit from Israel’s NATAL training program (08.23.2019) Read News

World Israel News: After rockets, traumatized Israelis’ ‘personal wars’ begin (05.14.2019) Read News

Bridges for Peace: Years of Gaza Rocket Strikes Leave Dark Mark on the South’s Psyche (05.13.2019) Read News

Times of Israel: Southern Israel residents increasingly traumatized by Gaza rockets, group says (05.12.2019) Read News

Jewish Press: Trauma, PTSD Cases Skyrocket in Southern Israel, Says NGO NATAL (05.12.2019) Read News

Y Net: Years of Gaza rocket strikes leave dark mark on the south’s psyche (05.12.2019) Read News

Y Net: (זינוק במספר נפגעי הטראומה בדרום (12.05.2019 Read News

MAARIV: (מעבר לקו: “המשימה שלנו היא שהקהילה תקבל את נפגעי הפוסט־טראומה” (08.05.2019 Read News

Y Net: (08.05.2019) “לפעמים השיחה מתחילה בצרחות”. האנשים שנלחמים למען הלומי הקרב Read News

Jerusalem Post: “The Lounge” (03.04.2019) Read News

Jewish Press: Gaza Rocket Hits Israeli Kindergarten As Hamas Calls for Ceasefire (11.13.2019) Read News

Jerusalem Post: For a ‘Nation in Trauma’ Rockets Trigger Underlying Anxiety (10.17.2018) Read News

NoCamels: First PTSD Study During Warfare Provides Early Symptom Indicators, Israeli Researchers Say (10.17.2018) Read News

The Yeshiva World: PM Netanyahu Meeting With Security Chiefs As Hamas Continues Firing Rockets (08.09.2018) Read News

Breaking Israel News: Chronically Disabled Should not be Forgotten During War and Terrorism (08.09.2018) Read News

JUF: Israeli Organization Trains Bronzeville Faith, Community Leaders In Trauma Resilience (08.06.2018) Read News

JUP News: Sinai NATAL project team leader and AFNATAL executive director speak at Mount Sinai Hospital (08.06.2018) Read News

Chicago Sun Times: From Israel’s ‘Never again’ to Chicago’s ‘Here we go again’ (06.28.2018) Read News

WGN9: Pastor brings Israeli trauma treatment program to Chicago to help gun violence victims (06.24.2018) Read News

ISREAL21c: Chicago clergy use Israeli model to counsel trauma victims (06.24.2018) Read News

i24 News: NATAL helps build The Urban Resiliency Network (TURN) trauma treatment program (06.24.2018) Read News

The Algemeiner: AFNATAL Event Speaker Ido Lazan speaks to Virginia Shooting Survivors (06.14.2017) Read News

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