Work With Veterans


Healing Those Who Take Care of Israel

“Everyone looks the same, we are one. When an outsider looks at
The group together, they cannot tell who suffers from PTSD.”

– Rami Yulzari

Now entering its third year, “Running with Rami,” was created to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Rami is a combat veteran who suffers from PTSD from the First Lebanon War (1982).  Rami spent years undergoing various treatments and decided to begin running, completing his first marathon in 2011. During his training, though he felt healthier in many ways, he still experienced debilitating flashbacks from his combat service. Rami turned to NATAL for help and soon after Running with Rami came to be.

Running with Rami not only promotes physical activity, but seeks to create a safe, social community for trauma sufferers. Today, Running with Rami includes 50 male and female veterans.


Participants range from age 28 – 67 and possess PTSD symptoms from combat or terrorist attacks.

Most participants have little to no experience with long distance running.

Meetings take place in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem weekly.

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