Work with Children

Work with Children

Supporting Your Children in Times of Stress

In times of adversity and turmoil, stress evokes strong emotions and causes uncertainty in all of us. As parents, we are in the best position to help our children.

The following tips have been prepared to provide broad guidelines to help you in these tough conversations. They are meant as a starting point. We recommend consulting with professionals in the field to receive further guidance if necessary. READ ON

NATAL’s Safe Place

Interactive Online Portal

A Safe Place – NATAL’s Online Digital Portal is an educational, platform designed to provide resiliency, prevention, and empowerment skills for students living in Israel and are at risk for developing PTSD. Safe Place was developed in 2014, in collaboration with Israel’s Center for Educational Technology and Ministry of Education with the support of Boeing International Inc. LEARN MORE

Helping the Children of Israel

The Need:

Research conducted among children in the South of Israel found that 71% demonstrate PTSD symptoms.

The Answer:

Through children-focused training, NATAL strengthens children’s resiliency to future trauma and provides them with coping tools. Expression of Feelings through the use of art is a natural form of communication for children because it is easier for them to express themselves visually rather than verbally.

For all of NATAL’s work with children:

NATAL’s comprehensive approach always involves working with parents as well as the child. This is because not only do parents play a key role in children’s coping and healing, but also because many of these parents are themselves struggling with trauma that needs to be treated.

The goals of all treatment are to equip children with coping skills for their current situation, to strengthen resiliency for future exposure to traumatic events, and ultimately, to promote post-traumatic growth.

There is no wait list for children and families seeking treatment from NATAL, as the sooner a child is treated, the less likely it is that symptoms become entrenched. In addition, treatment is provided at no cost to families, to ensure that treatment does not end prematurely for financial reasons.

Examples of NATAL’s Work with Children:

Stress Ball

The stress ball and the exhalation ball are part of a unique kit which is given to children treated by NATAL. “Hold me in your right hand, and squash my face.Press as hard as you can, count to 5 and then let me catch my breath. Now pass me into your left hand, and squash me again….”

The Exhalation Ball

When we are afraid or tense, we don’t breathe as well as we should: All too often we take short, fast breaths, and then we don’t get enough air… Let’s take the balloon and start blowing into it – we’ll take a deep breath with a lot of air and we’ll blow all the air into the balloon…

NATAL’s Therapeutic Intervention Puppet

Theater for Children Featuring: Princess Kuntz and the Mirror of Miracles

The resourceful Princess Kuntz overcomes a mysterious spell and brings back the smile of the sun. The story demonstrates the emotional voyage of a child facing fear, anger, and sadness, who prevails by finding inner strength and resiliency.

Puppets are a powerful teaching aid for young children at risk of trauma. The show is accompanied by a NATAL professional to explore the issues which arise and to guide the teachers in the situation.

NATAL’s work with children is supported in part by a grant from the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee.

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