Community Outreach Unit


Building Resiliency, Strengthening Communities

Working with First Responders

NATAL works with First Responders throughout Israel–providing intensive training for trauma nurses and medical staff, police, firefighters and more. Training is focused how to work with people during and in the aftermath of traumatic events and working with first responders to strengthen their own coping resources, enabling them to remain resilient and preventing compassion fatigue.

Empowering students:  Resiliency building in the schools

NATAL provides psycho-educational programming for youth in elementary, middle and high schools throughout Israel. Students are invited to access additional help through NATAL’s Helplines for children and teens and online professionally led chats.

Programming for young children includes therapeutic “toys”/tools developed by NATAL and a therapeutic puppet show (now seen by over 5000 children).

Programming for older students involves psycho-educational workshops and simulations, during which students learn to identify, respond, and prevent trauma reactions in themselves and others.

Leadership development for at risk youth:  Changing the trajectories

The goal of this program is to reverse the impact trauma has had on the lives of  youth, by equipping them with the skills to become leaders and important members of their community’s.

Emergency Response Team: Helping girls at risk for double trauma

This program is for girls living in boarding schools due to traumatic situations at home, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. Through psycho-educational workshops, group therapy, guided discussions, team building exercises and artistic expression, NATAL teaches coping mechanisms and resiliency building.

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