Pursue Your Passion

Experience the Feeling of Completion that Legacy Brings

Creating a Legacy Plan is an empowering experience, one that creates great joy and a chance to put your personal imprimatur on the future. It completes the work of your life, sharing the bounty you’ve earned with those you love: those you know personally and those you know through an organization like NATAL whose work you would like to see continue.

You Have One More Child

In addition to family we all have One More Child to worry about and protect. That One More Child is community, your heartfelt philanthropic cause. It’s easy to feel that way about NATAL, Israel’s largest and most effective organization serving victims of trauma and their loved ones.

Having One More Child by no means signifies equal amounts. Should you have five heirs and 20% designated for each, a legacy gift of 10% to your organizations changes the amount to each heir by 2% and with strategic gift planning possibly less. Children are proud that the philanthropic family they grew up in continues to demonstrate such values.

The Important People in Your Life

The Legacy Planning Process offers an ideal opportunity to engage the people you love in the causes you care about. The subject of inheritance may be uncomfortable when it centered on money. Focused on values and ideas such a conversation has the potential to bring the rich bonds between friends or family members even closer.

As the next generation in particular is brought into the Legacy conversation, opportunities about for their involvement in the cause and continuing to share your interests and passions.

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