Legacy Planning Strategies

Legacy Planning Strategies

Good outcomes in life take thought and so it is with Legacy. While complex scenarios exist, simplicity defines the vast majority of Legacy Gifts. Consulting your professional advisor is vital to maximizing the benefits of your gift to both you and NATAL.

A Marriage of Your Values with your Valuables

  • What material possessions have you acquired? Your home, car, investments, insurance?
  •  Who are your heirs, including your organizations, and in what proportions?
  • Which asset is ideal for which heir?

Asset types include cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, along with insurance and business interests. Some are ideal for your personal heirs and some best suited for a tax-exempt beneficiary. Using a portion of your IRA to fund a Legacy Gift to NATAL may be an attractive approach. In additional to advice from your professional advisor we at NATAL are happy to speak with you throughout the process.

How Long Does the Planning Process Take?

It goes without saying that your life situation is unique and so is your Legacy process.
In general, getting to “YES! I want to leave a legacy” can take several months, sometimes a year or more. From that point to implementation by signing your bequest or designating a portion of your IRA for your charitable beneficiary may take some additional time as you consolidate the decision with a spouse and/or meet with your attorney.

It can also move swiftly with the understanding that it is a process, one to begin in a comfortable way and amount, with full knowledge that you will continue to shape it as your life evolves.

One surprising benefit of Legacy Planning can turn out to be the most significant to you and your family! Often Legacy conversations propel clarity in personal estate planning needs, and this is one of its distinct beauties. In thinking about how we care for our special cause, we come to realize how best to protect our loved ones. Although not obvious as we begin, how grateful we are for what emanates from our deep commitments.

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