Today, we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Israel, Yom Ha’aztmaut, while at the same time continuing to commemorate the 20th anniversary of NATAL. What a tremendous year of milestones!

These 70 years have been filled with hardships, triumphs and tremendous pride for our people and nation, just as these past two decades have been for us here at NATAL. Though we do not know what the next 70 years will hold, we hope that someday soon we will find ourselves in a world where there is no more terror or war and there are no further victims of trauma. We yearn for a world where our country and our neighbors will see a common future of sovereignty and independence for all, and hope that our country will only be known for our talents in science, technology and research rather than for the rockets which fall on our doorsteps.

Every year, the day immediately preceding Yom Ha’atzmaut is Yom Hazikaron- Israel’s Memorial Day, when the entire country remembers and honors the fallen soldiers of the IDF. As we simultaneously remember the fallen and look to the future of our country, we wish for this year to be one of healing, stability, and most of all, peace.

And while we hope for a world in which NATAL’s services will no longer be necessary, we are also grateful for the experts who have guided NATAL’s approach, the courageous victims who speak out and come to NATAL for help and for all of our supporters who make this all possible.

We hope you will join us in this year of celebration and continue your support of NATAL, as we strive to build a more resilient Israel.