We are proud to present you with this annual report, which marks NATAL’s 20 years of activity.
In its 20 years of activity, NATAL has devoted its best efforts to strengthening the resilience of Israeli society, serving as a multi-disciplinary treatment center for trauma victims due to terror and war, providing a framework for training and preventive intervention, and promoting knowledge and awareness of this subject.

Over the years we have known terrorist attacks, wars, military operations – in the north, in the south and in the center: it is a difficult reality in which entire populations are forced to live under constant security threat. There is no doubt that this reality takes a heavy psychological toll on many Israeli citizens.

NATAL has taken upon itself the mission to provide multidisciplinary treatment to individuals who have been traumatized by terror and war, to provide a framework for guidance, intervention and prevention, and to promote the awareness of trauma due to the conflict in Israeli society.

As an apolitical organization that helps all Israeli citizens – children, adults and the elderly, special populations and veterans – we help the direct victims and the social circles that surround them. We are engaged in imparting the knowledge that we’ve accumulated through training, workshops and study programs, as well as conducting studies and regular evaluation of NATAL’s activities and examining our effectiveness.

Over the past seven years, we have leveraged the knowledge and experience we have accumulated to form collaborations with entities in the US and Europe. We conduct training based on models which were developed by NATAL and adapted to their needs. We trained hospital teams, first responders, veterans and faith leaders, among others. The report details the activities of the various departments of the organization, events and special projects that took place during the past year, as well as trends and numerical data.

This year we also included the speech delivered by President Reuven Rivlin during an event held at the President’s Residence marking 20 years of activity and the words of the outgoing Chairman of NATAL’s Public Advisory Board and former IDF Chief of Staff, Lt.- Gen. (Res) Benny Gantz. We are happy to announce that Prof. Rivka Carmi, who until recently served as President of Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, will be appointed the new Chair of the Public Advisory Board.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our various teams at NATAL, the volunteers, the therapists and the department staff for their work, carried out with absolute professionalism, commitment and sense of mission. We also wish to thank our friends in Israel and abroad who accompany our activities, support and contribute to the organization.

With your help we will continue to assist anyone who needs us. We can ensure that NATAL will continue to support trauma victims, lead research in the field and impart knowledge on trauma due to terror and war – for the sake of the resilience of Israeli society.

Our thanks and appreciation goes to our partners in Israel and around the world who accompany us, support us and invest in our activities. Together we will continue to work to strengthen the resilience of individuals and society in Israel.

Judith Yovel Recanati, Chairperson & Founder
Orly Gal, Executive Director

Download the NATAL 2018 Annual Report